Judging Criteria

Interview Competition (40%)

Contestant interviews kick-off the first day of competition and sets the tone for the excitement to come. Each contestant spends 5 minutes in a relaxed setting with our esteemed judges. She is asked a series of pointed questions to assist the panel in learning more about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. The focus is on her poise, charm, self-confidence, ability to communicate effectively, as well as the substance of her answers.

Formal Wear Competition (30%)

This most glamorous portion of the competition allows the contestant to show-off her elegance and beauty. Judges are looking for her to captivate everyone with her overall appearance and “wow” them with her keen sense of style. She’s assessed specifically on the beauty of her face, figure, self-confidence, poise, choice of accessories, and of course, the actual design and fit of her gown of choice.

Fun Fashion Competition (30%)

This is the contestant’s opportunity to rock the runway! Judges are looking for a contestant to showcase her unique personality and own sense of fashion, while using accessories to enhance her outfit. Contestants are evaluated on their posture, sense of style, and level of confidence.