Charitable Affiliations

Dress for Success Greater Orlando has been selected as MCA’s charity of choice for the 2019 Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Competition. Dress for Success Greater Orlando is a 501 (c) (3), whose mission is to help disadvantaged women prepare for job interviews, so they can become self-sufficient, production members of society. 

Being Ms./Mrs. Corporate America goes beyond business and beauty. The reigning Ms./Mrs. Corporate America will be responsible for giving back to their community. In an effort to support MCA’s charity of choice during the competition weekend, contestants are asked to bring a business suit or dress that they no longer wear. A Dress for Success representative will be present to collect the donations during the contestant orientation.

The Dress for Success Worldwide organization includes:

  • More than 120 affiliates in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, the U.K. and the West Indies. Each site is an independent, volunteer-driven non-profit organization committed to fulfilling the Dress for Success mission on the local level.
  • The staff members of Dress for Success Worldwide, who handle overall management of Dress for Success, provide support to our affiliates and are responsible for stewardship of the brand. In addition, Worldwide coordinates organization-wide fundraising and events.
  • The Dress for Success board of directors, which retains legal and fiscal oversight of the organization.
  • Sponsors, who provide critical financial, in-kind and other types of support to the organization.
  • A diverse group of foundation and individual supporters, who contribute clothing and funds to Dress for Success and make it possible to serve clients.
  • Strategic partners, whose services complement and provide greater value to clients.
  • Young Executives for Success (Y.E.S.!)® group, a volunteer branch of Dress for Success in New York City for professional women in the fashion, beauty and media industries.
  • The founder of Dress for Success, Nancy Lublin, who established the organization in 1996 with a $5,000 inheritance from her great-grandfather, Poppy Max.

To make a donation to Dress for Success Greater Orlando, click here.