Judging Criteria

Interview Competition (40%)

Contestant interviews begin the first day of competition and set the tone for the excitement to come. Each contestant spends 5 minutes in a relaxed setting with our esteemed judges. They ask a series of pointed questions to learn more about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. The focus is on her poise, charm, self-confidence, ability to communicate effectively and the substance of her answers.

Formal Wear Competition (30%)

The most glamorous portion of the competition allows the contestant to show off her elegance and beauty. Judges are looking for her to captivate everyone with her overall appearance and “wow” them with her keen sense of style. She’s assessed specifically on the beauty of her face, figure, self-confidence, poise, choice of accessories, and of course, the actual design and fit of her gown of choice.

Fitness Wear Competition (20%)

The fitness wear category showcases each contestant’s commitment to health and wellness. Being able to take care of body, home, and career responsibilities is essential to a contestant’s success. Judges evaluate her overall fitness, style, poise, personality, and confidence level.

On Stage Question (10%)

The contestant is presented the opportunity to share her unique perspective, core values, and personality. Judges ask her a question and assess her on her articulation, quality of response, confidence, and appearance. This is her time to confirm why she should be crowned Ms./Mrs. Corporate America!

MCA Judges

MCA judges are carefully selected. Our judges have made positive contributions to local and international communities as individuals or through organizations. We seek judges who appreciate the full value of women in their everyday lives and are able to glean these qualities in the MCA contestants. 

We hand pick 5 to 7 judges to evaluate the contestants for the competition. We do our best to represent diversity on the panel so that there’s consideration of the contestants’ various perspectives. Our judging panel includes individuals from the below categories:

  • Artist/Celebrity
  • News/Radio Personality
  • Government Official/Community Advocate
  • Pageant Queen
  • Prominent Business Woman
  • Pageant Coach
  • Women’s Non-Profit Organization Representative