About Us

Our organization mixes business with beauty. Our platform helps women to promote themselves, enhance self-confidence, strengthen leadership skills, accomplish personal and professional goals and establish friendships with other professional women. Competition weekend features highly informative and entertaining workshops, professional photo shoots, lavish dinners and other exciting events. In addition, contestants will socialize and network with many Orlando VIPs in the business, corporate, and entertainment fields.

We bring together hundreds of the brightest and best business professionals, community leaders and government officials for a night of fun, designed to raise funds for MCA’s Charity of Choice, and to heighten awareness of issues facing today’s modern corporate women. The competition represents the future of corporate beauty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight the individual achievements and successes of professional women leaders who are innovators and influencers in their respective fields of business.

“With the MCA platform, we empower contestants to sharpen their professional skills, by providing leadership workshops and motivational seminars during the competition weekend.”
– Anissa King, CEO/President