Ms. Corporate America Elizabeth Garcia

Elizabeth Garcia holds a Masters in Exceptional Student Education with Gifted Endorsement.

As a business consultant Liz specializes in effectively marketing small and large businesses in various spaces and has worked to gain access to some of the most well known industry professions.  

In her Real Estate endeavors Garcia has been known to take the time to deliver on her clients needs and wants.  Liz listens to her clients and gets to know them, Liz is a broker of relationships.  Built on trust and confidentiality a foundation of loyalty arises in all of Liz’s endeavors.

Liz has been a part of the beauty & wellness world for over 15 years and is a beauty industry consultant, specializing in spa, wellness, makeup consultant and certified nutritionist.  Formally trained in education, Liz has consulted on beauty workshops & seminars, health & wellness expos, testing the most innovative and up-and-coming products and how women and men can feel beautiful no matter what.

Combining her personal skills, with on-going social activities and impressive schooling, Ms. Garcia is ready to help you.  With Elizabeth’s hustle-and-bustle schedule, there is no time for blunders, and clientele throughout the greater Miami/Ft. Lauderdale has enlisted Elizabeth to share her secrets with you.

Guided by a philosophy of down-to-earth sensibility combined with Latina sensuality, Liz has embarked on a mission to test, and tally the best ethics Liz has the right abilities to garner what you or your business needs.  One thing is for certain Elizabeth Garcia can help alleviate your pains and elevate you to the next level. My community services include:

  • International Music Festival 2017-present
  • Wine and Food Experience 2016-2017
  • Pampering with a Purpose 2016-2017
  • Princess and Pearls 2014-present 
  • Goddess Food Factory  baking with a twist 2017- present
  • Eco tech Vision Entrepreneur Empowerment 2014-present
  • Equal Rights for women 2016 
  • Night with the Queens- 2016-present 
  • Over-town  Mother’s Day Pampering 2016
  • The Reading Reformation 2012- present….

Professional Organization:

Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce
Women in Distress
National Realtor Association

If You could live anywhere in the World, Where would it Be?

Although, I love living in Miami, Florida. If I had a choice I would choose Los Angeles I the weather is perfect and the hustle and bustle is Great for My Beauty Endeavors 

If you could meet anyone in the World, who would they be? 

Michelle Obama, Michelle has accomplished so much even before moving into the White House. Her Grace and Charm was a perfect example on how a women can maintain her Professionalism through juggling so many hats that she holds and being in the public eye to be criticizes.. She did it all and making it seem effortlessly. 

Best Advise you been Given?

To never give up even when you feel like throwing the towel trust and have Faith that God is still Able..

Who is your Role Model and Why?

There are three my Grandmother for her perseverance my Mother for her nurturing ways and God for his word says Yes, I can.

Something interesting about you?

That I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and no one knew that  I was involved in such a violent relationship that almost cost me my life. For this Reason, I am passionate about Women Empowerment..and Ms. Corporate America means more to me than just winning a Crown.

Three Word that describe you best:

Mother, Educator, Entrepreneur 

Current Read:

Rich Man Poor Man
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Favorite TV Show:

House of Cards
National Geographic

Favorite Food:

Italian food is my favorite maybe because I love Cheese…

Favorite Sports

Basketball , Tennis , Baseball… Especially the play offs just to see the excitement in the atmosphere.